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EZ Dock is the right dock for every application. The EZ Dock system is as varied and versatile as the waterways to which it provides access. From commercial functions to personal recreation uses, our modular designs and easy-to-use storage and launching components allow you to create the ideal dock for your needs and environment. You can even add to your dock later should your needs change.
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No Maintenance

Versatile Modular Design
Environmentally Friendly
Unlimited Accessories

EZ Dock New York

At Petroy Marine we wanted to increase service capability utilizing space previously unoccupied.  We had waterfront inner harbors that were unused and customers that required an alternative to existing steel docks. 

With the right product we could add additional boat slips and increase dock access for potential customers.  To fill the need we turned to Anchor Marine and their product called EZ Dock systems. 

The various dock components offered flexibility and cost savings.  Once installed we filled once vacant unused space with docks that met customer needs at affordable prices much to the satisfaction of both customers and the marina owner.

Bill Collesano
General Manager
Petroy Marine
Youngstown, NY

EZ Dock New York
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